Hello, totally new to the world of Blog!

Hey all!

My first time ever blogging! So let’s get started!

I hope to make this a foodies blog foremost #1.

But also tell ya where to get good savings, how to’s for crafts, good recipes, juicy talk, ‘sisterly’ talk, or just talk or whatever anyone comes up with.  I’m 3 classes short of my psych and sociology degree. All advanced math classes.

I’m an ordained minister since June 6, 2002. However, I’m not your conventional minister! I’m open, honest and willing to discuss pretty much anything. I believe that everybody has a right to choose for themselves! In saying this, I’m open to marrying anyone who wants me to marry them. I’m against all forms of prejudice and racism pretty much. Believe everyone has a right to live their own lives as they see fit as long as its not harming someone else, pretty much.

So, I love food. I worked as a …. Cook? Chef? Title was chef, myself and 2 other women. Briefly back in the early 90s. I fast talked my way through the interview as having experience. I said yes, to  having experience. “I cook everyday 3 meals and 2 snacks for a family of 4. I do all the meal planning every week, a week ahead at least, if not a month. And all the purchasing. I do all the prep, all the recipe prep, everything on my own”. I just left out the part it was for my own family. Did I lie? No. Did I withhold information, definitely. Did I get the job? Definitely! Lol. And myself and 2 other women were the chefs for a military restaurant for the off duty soldiers, dignitaries that visited and all the civilians on the base at the time, which included civilian staff and all the families of both the civilian staff and the soldiers. It was packed most days. Held over 125-150 people easily I would say. Typically only 2 of us worked the food area, then 1-2 other women, whom were just for the pizza, worked the pizza station. We did all of our own prep and one of us took turns doing all of the dishes when it got slow. Dishes was the worst part of the job.

I was not there for very long,( 6 months?)before I got sent home from Germany back to the USA, because I was high risk pregnant with my last daughter. But the experience of working in the restaurant I’ll never forget. I love cooking, baking and eating foods of all kinds to this day! I have worked in other restaurants, but not to the calibre of my first one. I take great delight in trying new things. I even tried a fried pigs ear for the first time about a month ago.blech! I was against it really, because I’m trying to cut back on meat…. For humanitarian reasons. But it was already there… It was going to be eaten or wasted. So I tried a sample.. And it was thoroughly disgusting! I don’t know if it was a bad cook job or if I just couldn’t get the thought of what it was out of my head. I’ve eaten some pretty gross stuff before. But that just didn’t taste good. Maybe I’ll try it somewhere else. We’ll see.

So for now. Here I am.

I’m Rev. Rebecca. My friends call me Becca or Heaven even. Nickname I got online, oh, back in 1996 and it stuck. My middle name is coincidentally Lei. So I’m often caught going by Heavenlei more recently. But in 2004 I started using Heavens_Shoppe online and even registered it with the government.

I’ve been disabled since 1998. Officially. However, i actually first had my leg blown out by my best friend at the time on June 2, 1993. She stopped talking to me, blaming me for other things going on in our lives when i needed her more than ever. Almost lost my leg a year later. I’m disabled now all because she blew my leg out and subsequent damage that resulted. I have not heard from her since 1993. I’m reminded everyday of that friendship. I bet, she hasn’t thought of me in years and that’s the part that hurts the most. 😦

I’ve been ‘sick’ since I was in the 4th grade though. So one of the topics I will also hit on is how disabled or heavier people are treated. I’m trying to lose weight, but it’s a constant battle with all my medical issues and having had 53 surgeries. Insane, right? It’s very difficult to walk most days. Painful. On a scale of 1-10…12, even highly medicated. I have the #1 most painful chronic pain condition on the McGill pain scale which is used to rate pain internationally. RSD. And I have it pretty much in my whole body. Which only like 5% of the people who have it, have it in their whole body. My interest in good food has nothing to do with my weight. As I keep below 2000 calories, usually 1,500, on most days and almost always eat healthy at home. I even make my own rice flour and gluten free baked goods, on days I can. On a learning curve at the moment for making anything gluten free. If anyone knows of good, gluten free cookbooks, let me know please.

So, anybody still reading? Ok… Then I’ll stop. 🙂 give everybodys eyes a break and minds a moment to absorb everything you just read! Hah.

Again, I’m Rebecca. I do however love my name Rebecca. So many of my family and friends still call me Rebecca. 🙂 but if you prefer, you can call me Becca or Heaven.

Have a blessed day and anybody in the Crest Hill, Joliet, Lockport, Illinois area or close by know of any good restaurants you want visited…or just Checked out, Especially if they’re on restaurant. Com…..post a comment.

Hugs and blessings!


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