Merichka’s dinner meeting 9/10/2015

Well we went to a dinner meeting for a very nice chiropractor. Whom I did make an appointment with, but that’s another story.

I’m on right now to tell you how the food was.

Ok. We were at Merichka’s family restaurant on Theodore in Crest Hill, Illinois. We were first given a soda, then a nice salad topped with a housemade dressing I was informed by another patron. The staff never told us anything. What we were having or what was in it. Was rather disturbing. Usually a menu with the evenings dinner is handed out and this was not the case. Then they brought us the dinner plate. It included a breaded, fried wing and a breast and a rather large baked potatoe. Now mine was not burnt, except on the edges, but my fathers and several others whom were seated next me ended up with some very black obviously oven baked potatoes. We were half through our plates, then they brought out the butter and sour cream packets and last round was bread. They need to learn to bring out the condiments first. So they are there when the food is brought out. So all in all it was a salad, 2 pieces of breaded fried chicken, what we were told, oven baked potatoe, bread. I don’t know what the bill was. I only ended up eating the wings, which were pretty good to me. However, my boyfriend found the breast meat to taste undercooked and he felt sick after. I tasted it. It seemed OK, but had a peppery spice to it that the wings did not. No dessert was served.

The noise was so loud in the adjoining room that we could barely hear the speaker in our room. My boyfriend and several others couldn’t hear her at all. The noise level was if they were having a party. But I seem to think this is normal as people were just talking in the other room. I saw mostly older couples, so guessing they had to talk louder to hear each other perhaps. Only guessing.

Needless to say. For what we could hear, I enjoyed the speaker more than the meal.

Being disabled also, it had many stairs even on the handicapped entrance to get to where we were going for a handicapped seminar about knees. Not set up for disabled people except the fact they had a ramp. Not much good when you have stairs all over inside the restaurant itself though. Ok. Rant over.

Would I go back? Doubtful. I hear they are actually quite costly and I doubt I would pay for what we got. We both took doggie bags home with chicken to feed our kitties. Lol.

Hugs and blessings to all!

Merichka's chicken dinner
Merichka’s chicken dinner

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