Iams proactive health, hairball care cat food

As everybody knows, I have 6 cats. And their hairballs have been terrible lately. I can only assume they’re shedding their thinner summer cost to grow in their thicker winter coats, so been over grooming. So they get to pay for it by coming up hair and I get to pay for it by having tons of socks to wash. ;p I wake up and step right in it. How my boyfriend manages to miss them every couple days and I step right into them is beyond me.

Well on to the kitty food.

I had to make a change and they all seem to really like the Iams wet foods. So I’m a bit miffed and shocked as to why I cannot get them to eat this dry food, except that it is just that. Dry. Bland and hardly any scent. And cats go off what they can smell. I give Iams big proud for not making it all sorts of computers, because any real car liver knows…. Cats are color blind. And adding all those sure are simply not good for them and is purely for the humans eye gratifications. Another words.. It’s for us, not the kitties and cannot be good for them either. I know my cats do better on undyed foods.

Ie. . everyone should avoid Friskies. Makes my kitties bleed out poop. The Friskies does.

So… I wrote Iams and waiting on a response. Tried calling, but closed after 5pm and on weekends. But after opening a second bag. I still can’t get them to hardly eat. I’m supplementing with wet food and ‘raw foods’ … Like cooked chicken and pork.

Ok. Give me suggestions. Opinions. I will not do blue buffalo again. Made all of my cats anorexic in a month. They wouldn’t hardly eat that either and lost extreme weight fast. Even with supplementing, it must of made them sick or something that they were all losing weight drastically on it. Not happening on this. They’re just not eating it well. At all. Only one eats it all the time. Unless they’re eating when I’m asleep, which isn’t often considering I have insomnia! Lol.


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