Nov 4. 2015

Hello all. Been a busy past couple of weeks. I keep telling myself I’m going to do this blog, than things keep coming up.

I’ve reblown my acl in my knee. I also managed to sprain my back this past week. And been fighting off one virus after another for about 5 to 6 weeks. I’m burning up today.

But I’m sitting here watching General Hospital. Once again, after about 20 years, I’ve become addicted again with being sick this past month. Not complaining. So glad to see Jason Morgan is back. Anyone else watch? Today’s the day… I’m hoping Jake finds out who he is. Lol. But it’s 3pm…dang… Guess tomorrow I will have to watch again.

So now going to watch Inside Edition.


IMG_20151102_184349038 I made an amazing boeuf bourginon two nights ago, beef burgandy. So good Steve took some to work yesterday and the guys all drooled and I’ve been munching on it for two days for lunch.  I think his coworkers must all be single guys and have nobody cooking for them, cus he says they’re always stealing his cookies I make. Maybe he’s just trying to make me feel good? But he said they were all jealous he had fresh noodle stew yesterday too. The beef burgandy. Anybody want recipe, just Email.

I’m still working on several gluten free recipes too. If anybody has some good bread machine recipes, gluten free of course, please mail me.

Ok. Off for now. Burning up. Going to go take a Tylenol.

Hugs to all, Rebecca


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