November 12, 2015 Thursday

Well hello all. It’s been a week. I’ve been fighting a horrible virus this past week with extreme pain and burning up.

Then yesterday I took my 1.5 yr old female emotional therapy kitty to be spayed. I think too often people forget that female kitties undergo a full hysterectomy. It’s not even close to what the males go through. It’s so much more. My little girl was in horrible pain, still is. She is a petite all black rare Siamese. 9lbs of solid muscle from running around like a horse most of the day and night. Even the vet was surprised she weighed in at 9lbs by her size. They guessed she was 7ish. But she is so active and always chasing the others. She thinks she’s still a kitten I swear! Lol. But yesterday, and till about 5am, her anesthesia wouldn’t wear off. She was so druggy that she couldn’t even walk two steps before falling down. Tried jumping onto the bed and didn’t even get half way up and fell backwards into the dresser. She is on good pain meds. Which were never given to any of my other cats, including females before. Though almost all of them had been spayed between 4-6 months of age. Akira is 17 months. It has been a pretty rough day. She tried getting under the couch today like she usually does and she got half way and got wedged! I had to pull on her legs and go under the couch with my hands, grabbing her front legs too to try to get her out. She hissed and wasn’t very happy. But once out, she clung to me. Obviously glad to be free! I guess she didn’t realise a totally shaved belly doesn’t slide on carpet like fur does normally for her. She’s still sleeping a lot, but walking so much better and eating to make up for no food for over a day. From midnight yesterday till this morning when I woke to give her meds. We were both up most of the night. She had been up,  unable to get comfortable in horrible pain. I’m just so glad I can see a good difference today. Shame she keeps hiding though, which tells me she still feels horrible. Most cats only hide when they’re sick or in pain.

She had been asleep with me on the couch about an hour ago, until Steve decided to play with an electric car I got him for an early Christmas present(8:30pm). It woke her up immediately. The buzzing of the engine and lights going were an immediate stimuli. They all wanted to chase it. So no idea where she ran off to, so going to go find her since I’ll be heading to bed soon.

I’m still sick, but had rescheduled her surgery like 3 times. Since Steve was home sick too, we decided to get it over with, before we got any snow. Kinda glad we did, but just hope I didn’t “ruin” her ability to be sensitive and emotional to me and my needs as well, seeing as she’s my therapy cat.  Hope the hormonal changes don’t change her.  I know how getting her spayed is the healthier thing to do, but seeing her in so much pain… I feel so bad. Completely rotten.

We are planning on getting her a playmate after Thanksgiving. She so needs one, because she keeps chasing down everybody else.  Especially my 13yr old kitty. But we’re getting a male kitten for her, but he’s already growing fast. He’s actually her nephew. Boy from her sister from another litter, but same mother. My mom’s kitty is his mommy. Her name is Puppy.  🙂 My mom said she told her one day she was acting like a puppy, or something like that, and she responded to the word puppy. She answers to it still. Lol.

So Steve and I plan on calling this new one, Chico Blanco. At first it was kinda a joke. But we like the name Chico.  See, we have all black cats, one mostly black tuxedo Siamese and one darker color way Siamese. So this is finally a regular colored Siamese. So he’s mostly white with the black and gray. So i called him ‘Chico Blanco’…. Which means ‘white boy’. Lol.

Ok. Off to find her, check on everyone… All my little kitties and head to bed. It’s early, but got very little sleep if any last night.

Have things to do tomorrow too. Hopefully can get something done around here after being sick off and on all month. Steve brings home every virus from work! Anybody wanna volunteer to come do dishes on a regular basis let me know. Lol.

Wei I had my assistant back! I’m so tired of being in agony.

I just wish I could get a block without medicare thinking I need physical therapy again after 25yrs of a back injury and 5-6 times trying pt. Also if my knee brace would come in, it would be great. Having a totally blown acl again, after 22yrs of them replacing it, does not help the back when you limp all the time. Still cannot believe I’ve blown my acl a second time. 😦

Ok… Actually going to go to sleep.

Hugs and love to all! Maybe I can start posting recipes soon. Anybody with gluten free bread recipes, please email me!!!

God bless to all!



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