IMG_20151116_163107Today I was a bit bored, not feeling too great after falling Friday, flipping over in the recliner. So I decided to redo my nails. This is what I just came up with in just a few minutes. A simple one coat of OPI ” I’M NOT REALLY A WAITRESS ” for the primary base deep red color, then I used one quick layer of a gold by Revlon nail art expressionist called “Vincent van gold” #360 for the tip color, and lined it quickly with a white Revlon expressionist nail art but this time using “Night & Degas” #310.

Idid it quite quickly and only one coat for each color. Good polishes usually only need one good coat. I have yet to do my right hand, as I’m right handed and I know it’ll take much longer to stay my hand to get a result half as good. Lol. Though this was just a quicky anyways. I’m going to give it two coats of my OPI “start to finish” though I’m sure it only needs one, but I want it to last several days.

This will be the start of my nail blogging. I’ll add some old pics soon too!


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