About me?

Hello and welcome to my new blog. I’m Rev. Rebecca. I want to thank everybody that has taken the time to stop in. I hope you’ll check back often as I learn how to do this. As you’ll quickly learn yourself, I pretty much have no clue at all of what I’m doing. But since I’m home most of the time, usually buying online, or eating out; though it’s often brought home… I have a lot of opinions on things. Mostly food and restaurants, crafts… Health, health care and lack there of. My main area will be food as in cooking or restaurants. I am trying to line up some home delivery meals to talk about. But noon no matter the topic one thing I will always promise you, total and complete honesty. If I like something or not. I will not fabricate anything for anyone. Now, who’s up to this challenge? Hah.

I’m not asking for donations, or for anything to be sent to me. However, if you wish to email me, you may at This email right here! Hah  <— just click that there underlined link! 🙂

OK. Off to post my kitty. She was fixed 2 weeks ago today. She’s wanting attention and this kitty mommy is gonna love her kitty. Oh yeah, I’ve been rescuing newborn kittens and cats since 1998. Has 13 at one time. Not by choice. Need advice on cats, I can probably give it. Vet even told me he would sponsor me to go to vet tech school if I applied. But in my health… I don’t see that as foreseeable in my future. So off I go to enjoy my kitty.

Ah yes, one last thing. I will be reviewing a Kitchenaid Pro 6qt over the next few weeks. I am receiving it today. My promised Christmas gift from my beloved. I will also be putting up a review on the company I purchased it from. EverythingKitchens.Com which you all will definitely want to read.

Talk soon!

Keep on bakin’ yummies, makin’ fabulous crafts and BEING the special gifts you all are; for you are blessed!

Have an awesome day friends!

Hugs and love!



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