Gluten free recipes

I was recently diagnosed with Celiac’s just a few months ago. Being on disability makes it so hard to buy any cookbooks. I’m especially missing bread. But I have my bread machine. I’ve tried making gluten free beads in the machine but they come out dry with the couple of recipes I’ve acquired.


This is actually one that I made up using psylium husk for the binder and soy lecithin to help retain moisture.

Was somewhat usable, but still dry as it cracked and has to be cut quite thick to use at all or it just crumbled. But it did have a pretty darn good flavor. So I’m onto the right track for just starting!!!

So if anybody has some tried and true bread machine gluten free recipes, I’m begging that you email me or comment or get ahold of me.

Email me : Here!

I’ve got a decent cookie and muffin recipes that I’ve made up, but I’m hoping to collect a few and put together a book of some kind to give away.


As an eBook or I don’t know. Maybe for donations only? So for those who are in my boat, they could get a copy too.

Anybody who wouldn’t mind being in such a book email me your recipes and state that i can publish it also with your name or that you want anonymous or whatever used. If I do charge, it would be printing costs only. Ok? Or donations to those who cannot afford and then a suggested price for those that can.

God bless to all. Maybe if things go well, we could even fork up a donation to Celiac’s research. Or gluten sensitivity research in general.

Ideas, ideas!

Ok. Please write. Even if it’s just too send me personally a bread recipe. Which I’m working on also.

God bless to all.

Hugs and much love, Rebecca

Aka Rev. Alcorn